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Inform: The Bobcat Fund’s purpose is to supplement the funds available to Baldwin Park Elementary School, which will be used solely to offset classroom expenses.

The Bobcat Fund is overseen by a Board of Directors composed of parents and community members, working together with the Principal and staff at Baldwin Park Elementary School.

Invest: Donations to The Bobcat Fund can be made at any time to Baldwin Park Elementary School, and will be tax deductible. The Bobcat Fund can receive cash, check or credit card, in one payment or multiple installments throughout the school year.

The Bobcat Fund will maintain a segregated account at the OCPS Foundation, available only for Baldwin Park Elementary School; it will be tax deductible as a contribution to a 501c3 organization with transparency and full disclosure.

Inspire: Numerous families, staff members and business partners have pledged to make a difference through The Bobcat Fund. To date, donations have ranged from $20 to $10,000.

Together, we have set a goal of  $100,000 for the 2018/19 school year. If all of our pledges are collected and our combined efforts are realized, teachers and staff can continue to educate students with extraordinary learning programs, tools and resources.

Baldwin Park Elementary's official website. 

School volunteers are extra-special people who are committed to making schools the best they can be. They offer special attention and caring that can inspire students to reach for and realize their dreams.

This program is a component of the ADDitions program. School volunteers work at the schools of their choice and participate in activities that match their interests, such as assisting teachers in the classroom, designing bulletin boards, working with students, serving as computer tutors, working with art classes, or helping out in the office or media center.

Every school in the county needs volunteers. From elementary to high schools to alternative and exceptional education centers, educators value the time and special talents of volunteers, and welcome them into the classroom.

Be a school volunteer and help make students' dreams come true.

OCPS Food & Nutrition Services

OCPS Food & Nutrition Services works closely with schools and Healthy School Teams to provide an overall school environment for children that promotes good health. Through nutrition education, special events and continuous improvement, they are reaching their mission to provide access to quality nutritious meals in a customer friendly environment and to support all students and educators' ability to achieve academic excellence while forming healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

How to Apply for Free / Reduced Meals

Start Fresh Smoothie Party

PTA is tax-exempt. Please present our tax-exempt form at time of purchase so you can be reimbursed for the full amount. Please complete this form, attach your receipt, and return to the PTA Box in the Front Office's Mail Room. Thank you.

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