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Executive Board

All Executive Board Positions Require:

    •      Attendance at all Monthly PTA board meetings and PTA general membership meetings

    •      Positive representation of the PTA (see Media Policy and Standing Rules)

    •      Active involvement and support of all PTA programming and fundraisers

    •      Serving no more than 2 consecutive terms in the same office

    •      Annual review of Bylaws, standing rules, media policy, money collecting procedures

    •      Active National PTA membership and ADDitions approval

A.    PTA President (Open Position)
Represents the members of Baldwin Park Elementary School PTA in all aspects of support needed. Presides over monthly Executive Board meetings and 3 annual PTA General meetings. Should have a minimum of one year experience on the PTA Executive Board.  Works with Executive Board to develop annual budget, schedule events, and fill PTA committee positions. Coordinates the work of officers and committees. Responsible for paying bills and submitting monthly financial paperwork to treasurer.


B.    PTA Immediate Past‐President (Closed Position)
Provides support for the seamless transition of responsibilities of PTA President and other special projects as designated by the Board. Will serve as President in the event the President can not serve their term. 


C.   Vice President, Communications (Open Position)
Facilitates internal and external communications via PTA website, email blasts and social networks in order to promote awareness of school events and activities, family events, fundraisers and school drives. Designs fliers and maintains website. Creates monthly PTA Member e-newsletter. Works with school administrators to schedule Orange Connect phone messages, emails and newsletter information.

D.    Vice President, Community Events  (Open Position)
Oversee the Community Events committee and chairpersons for Spring Fest, Baldwin Park Parade, Family/Community Events, etc. to develop and implement events that support our school community and encourage parent and family involvement within the community. Must be available to participate and manage these events unless otherwise delegated. Work with Partners in Education (PIE) coordinators to facilitate cooperation with PIEs.


E.     Vice President, Community Relations (Baldwin Cares)  (Open Position)
Advise and lead the Baldwin Cares Committee & chairs to organize and promote community service events, drives and projects that reach the needs of families within our school and organizations outside of school serving the local community. Work with the school social worker, guidance counselor, nurse and other staff to identify students and/or families in need.  When needed, works closely with the Additions staff representative to recruit and utilize volunteers effectively. Provides input to PTA Executive Board regarding monetary resources needed to implement and supplement donation programs and events throughout the year. Work with Partners in Education (PIE) coordinators to facilitate cooperation with PIEs. 

F.     Vice President, Membership and Volunteer Development (Closed Position)
Responsible for coordinating activities focused on increasing PTA membership and parent involvement in all PTA activities. The position will oversee various efforts focused on increasing involvement from the diverse population of the school (Dads Club, New Parents, Hospitality Committee). Recruits PTA membership through an annual membership campaign. Ensures annual PTA dues are paid to OCCPTA and Florida State PTA. Assist committee chairs and board members to recruit volunteers. Overseas all prospective parent activities, such School Tours and New Parent Orientation Night.

G.   Vice President, Fundraising  (Open Position)
Oversees all fundraising aspects of the PTA. Serves as the lead of the Social Shindig (Parent Party/Auction held in Fall) and Boosterthon (Fun Run, held in Winter), the PTA’s two main fundraisers. Serves as an advisor and board contact to all other fundraising event chairs and committees, including Art After Dark, Book Fair, and Bobcat Boutique. Work with Partners in Education (PIE) coordinators to facilitate cooperation with PIEs.


H.    Vice President, Academic Enrichment and School Support (Closed Position)
Serves a lead room parent. Appoints and coordinates grade‐level classroom representatives. Communicates with grade representatives and room parents regarding their responsibilities as volunteers & provides each with a template for a class roster. Shares information about upcoming school events and how to implement/support the event. Helps organize grade-level sponsored food for monthly staff meetings. Distributes “Favorites/All About Me” forms to all staff and organizes copies in the office. Explains the PTA money collection procedures to all room parents. Oversees chair and committee for Staff Appreciation Week. Serves as board contact to the following committees: School Garden, STEM, Healthy School Team, and after school enrichment activities (such as Odyssey of the Mind, etc).


I.      Secretary  (Closed Position)

Takes minutes at every PTA meeting and provides them to the Board for approval within one month following the meeting. Provides minutes from General Board Meetings to be posted on PTA website. Coordinates any communication, flowers, condolences, congratulations sent to families or faculty on behalf of the PTA. Writes thank you notes to Partners as needed. Participates in other projects as designated by the Board. 

J.     Treasurer (Closed Position)

Ensures fiscal responsibility of the PTA by developing a budget, implementing processes and procedures for gathering funds and paying bills, and utilizes software to input funds, track expenditures and update budget as needed.  Works with the PTA Executive Board to develop budget. Presents budget at the general PTA meetings. Requests vote of approval. Works with VP-Fundraising to ensure proper collection and accounting of funds and event/project expenditures. Appropriates money to proper budget lines when event is complete. Reviews invoices and reimbursement requests submitted by president. Updates checking account and budget information based on monthly account activity. Balances checkbook on a monthly basis. Responsible for annual audit. Works with chairs of events in which money is involved.

K. Member At Large  (Open Position)

Serve as the board's strategic needs as determined by the President at any given time. May have various responsibilities and projects - short or long-term during their term. 



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